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At present, the industrial brush production materials are very much, in the application to different fields will choose different materials, so it is not to talk about which industrial brush material is good, as long as you choose the right brush can be. At present, the common industrial brush materials on the market are mainly hog bristles, wool and other direct collection of materials used rather than synthetic. And such as pig bristles, wool, horse hair and many other materials have different properties, according to the customer’s use of the environment to choose to use. Here I will share with you some common types of industrial brushes.

Types of industrial brushes and their uses

1. Horse staple machine flocking brush

The most traditional brush making process, after punching holes on the surface of the brush roll or brush plate, use the horse nail implantation machine to implant the brush hair in a bundle of brush roll or brush plate, with this process out of the brush products are very widely used, one is the lower cost, brush as a consumable product, the cost must be considered. However, the brush roll made of horse nail flocking has several shortcomings: First, the density is not enough, because the punching flocking between each hole must have a certain spacing, spacing can not plant a high-density effect, in some special industries require high-density brush roll to work with this horse nail machine flocking brush roll; Second, the bonding force of the brush wire is not enough fastness, the so-called horse nail flocking method is the use of wire through a convex groove is pressed into “U” buckle, used to clasp the brush wire implanted in the punched hole, “U” buckle in the hole after crossing deep into the hole The “U” buckle is crossed in the hole and inserted into the hole, so that the brush wire is combined with the roller, but the tension is limited, if in some special industries that need high speed to work on the brush roller, this process to make it is not ideal.

2. Spring brush

The brush roll made of spring brush process solves the problem of high density, fastness, etc. When manufacturing, the bristles are first pressed into the aluminum or stainless steel strip by a steel wire through the strip brush equipment, and then wound on the roller shaft, the two ends are welded firmly using sub-pot welding, in some special industrialized production, it is also necessary to make the spring brush with a certain gap, because it is necessary to take into account the special effects such as dust removal.

3. Pressing brush

Pressed piece of brush is the brush wire closely together, and then put into a specific mold with a steel sheet through the stamping machine to make a piece of brush wheel, in the production of brush rollers can be multiple pieces of brush wheel in series together fixed on the rollers, this process made of brush wire density can be the highest, but the disadvantage is that the cost is higher, and slow efficiency when making.

4. Injection molding brushes

The advantage of this process is that the bristles are combined with high force because they have been integrated with the brush plate, and the current sanitation truck sweeping brush is made with this process.

Common applications of industrial brushes

1. Anti-dust brush

The main use of the dust brush is installed in the industrial equipment, assembly lines, doors and windows and other parts of the inlet and outlet, used to prevent dust through these gaps into the pollution of equipment and products, so the requirements of the brush wire is a high elasticity, brush wire surface lubrication is better, preferably also has anti-static function.

2. Polishing brush

Polishing brush is mainly used to deburr the surface of the object to be polished, fine grinding and other processing, so to determine the type and characteristics of the brush wire for different requirements, if it is a strong hardness of the steel plate and other need to do surface electroplating polishing, the ideal brush wire should be bronze wire, if the general metal material for surface rust and deburring treatment, then the use of good hardness of steel wire can be.

3. Cleaning brushes

Cleaning brush is a commonly used industrial roller brush, generally used for agricultural and sideline products deep processing of fruit and vegetable cleaning and industrial cleaning and dust and scale removal, the requirements of the brush wire to wear resistance, high elasticity and corrosion resistance and aging, long time operation is not easy to deformation, if the brush wire performance is not good, when the object in a position for a long time will cause the brush roller groove, destroy the function of the roller brush, serious even can cause the whole brush roller scrap.

4. Abrasive brush

Abrasive brushes used less, general industrial grinding will be done directly with grinding wheels and other abrasives, these are not within the scope of industrial brushes, but for the textile industry grinding hair processing, we must use the abrasive wire brush roll containing silicon carbide, abrasive wire inside the silicon carbide mesh (density) with the strength of the fabric being ground and the need to grind out the effect to properly adjust.

5. Nylon 610 brush filament

Nylon 610 bristles have better abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, but the elasticity of 610 is not very good, long time for easy deformation is difficult to recover, so 610 is suitable for industrial dust removal and cleaning for rougher parts, such as dust removal in the mine dock, sanitation car sweeping brush, etc.; PBT elasticity is better than 610, but wear resistance is not as good as 610, PBT performance is softer, suitable for cleaning and decontamination of fine parts, such as automotive surface cleaning, air conditioning duct cleaning, etc. It is suitable for cleaning and decontamination of fine parts, such as car surface cleaning, air conditioning duct cleaning, etc.; while 1010 has good elasticity and high cost, but less wear resistance than 610, has a better performance in appearance, impact resistance, aging resistance and other properties are also very good, suitable for industrial equipment and dustproof parts such as doors and windows.

Customized industrial brushes for your application

If you are looking for the right industrial brush for your application, please feel free to contact us. As an industrial brush manufacturer with 10 years of experience, we have introduced a whole set of professional brush making equipment and design solutions from Germany to create an excellent production line in China, with one-stop production capacity of injection molding, glue covering, glue grinding, brush shaft (fine steel shaft, stainless steel shaft) processing, wire drawing, hair planting, hair shearing and hair grinding.

The company has independent research and development, design and production capacity, specializing in the production and processing of wear-resistant, high-temperature, acid and alkali resistant, anti-net electricity and other general types of special brushes, brush rolls, brush plates, brush belts, brush strips for various types of machinery. Our products are suitable for cleaning, dust removal, polishing, sealing, water absorption, beauty treatment and strip conveying under high temperature in glass, steel, automobile, pharmaceutical, electronics, packaging, printing, home appliance, furniture, cigarette, food, beverage, fruit, vegetable, sanitation and environmental protection, textile printing and dyeing industries.


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