Custom Size Copper Tube Cleaning Brush Pipe Cleaning Brush

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Pipe Brush

Bristle Length


Brush Material

Brass Wire



Customized support



Cleaning, Polishing

Bristle Material

Nylon/Abrasive Nylon/Steel Wire/Brass Wire

These brushes are available in a single-stem/single-spiral construction for hand use or a in a double-stem/single or double-spiral for powered use. Single stem tube brushes for hand use have a long wire handle with a loop on the end.
Double stem tube brushes for power use have a double stem, heavier construction with a more dense brush face for more aggressive brushing.

1. Customize your tailored product to satisfy you unexpected need, from appearance to function. 24 hour one to one service.

2. Manufacturers direct source of goods, no middleman, give you first-hand supply, give you intimate service.

3. Brush wire materials can be customized, materials can be selected, a variety of materials, such as plastic, nylon wire, horse hair, mane, etc.

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