What Is The Strip Brush?

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Understanding Strip Brushes

Strip brushes, also known as metal channel back brushes or nylon strip brushes, are unique brushes characterized by their rectangular slim profile and soft bristles. They come in various sizes and are tailored according to specific requirements.

The Construction of Strip Brushes

The primary component of strip brushes is a formable metal structural element, often referred to as the channel base. This base is filled with nylon or metal brush fill, which can be customized by trim length, density, and flexibility. The most commonly used strip brushes are nylon strips, which typically contain a 20% mixture with nylon. However, a 100% conductive format can also be created for static reduction.

The Versatility of Strip Brushes

Strip brushes are incredibly versatile and can be found in various versions, including twisted strip brushes and straight strip brushes. The twisted strip brush can be deformed into any shape required for a specific application. The material, profile, fiber thickness, length, and filling of strip brushes can be customized based on the application.

Applications of Strip Brushes

Strip brushes are widely used for their excellent performance at a competitive and economical cost. They are commonly used for gap sealing, with their high-density bristles enabling them to act as a wiper on soft and smooth surfaces.

They serve as a shield against light, dust, mist, and heat, making them ideal for use on conveyor lines as an applicator of dry coating or to wipe away loose debris. They can also stabilize moving products.

Strip brushes can be used for sealing doors, windows, and furniture to prevent dust and dirt. They adapt to unevenness and move freely on walls or floors.

Customization and Varieties of Strip Brushes

Strip brushes are available in numerous standards and versions, and custom-made strips are also offered. They can be glided for easy assembly or support or holding. Their most suitable uses include guiding, sealing, and pressing.

Food Grade Roller Strip brushes are approved for usage in applications related to food-contacts. Other types of brushes can be used in environments where an object doesn’t need exposure to sunlight or moisture. For dry industrial applications, medium-grade strip brushes are used. Strip brushes that possess a 9% absorption capacity are also available.

Key Features of Strip Brushes

Strip brushes are popular in industries due to their versatile performance in cleaning grooves, sealing, wiping, and more. They offer unmatched quality for filling gaps and can suit all surface types with their dense bristles. The size, length, and bristle type can be customized as per requirements, providing a tailored solution for various applications.

In conclusion, strip brushes are an indispensable tool in the industrial sector due to their versatility, customizable features, and wide range of applications. Their ability to adapt to different environments and tasks makes them a valuable asset in various industries.

If you would like to customize a strip brush for your application, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you!


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