What is the Purpose of the Brushes on the Sides of the Escalator?

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When we ride the escalator in the shopping mall, we often see a long row of brushes at the bottom of both sides of the escalator, and many people think that this is used to brush the dust on the shoes, so they ride the escalator and use the brushes on the edge of the escalator to polish their shoes. There are quite a few people who have used this method, but what they don’t know is that this method of shoe cleaning is actually very dangerous. So what exactly is the purpose of the safety brushes on the edge of the escalator?


Function of brushes on both sides of the escalator

The full name of this brush is “Escalator Safety Strip Brush”. When passengers are too close to the sides of the escalator, they will touch the brush, and the rhythmic friction of the brush can be well perceived by passengers and play a role in reminding them. If the brush is used for “shoe-shining”, it can easily cause shoelaces, pant legs, or soft-soled shoes to get stuck in the gap between escalators, causing danger and injury. At the same time, the strip brush is originally to protect our safety a protection, often use it to wipe shoes easily to brush damage or fall off, which increases the incidence of pinch accidents.

How to choose escalator brushes?

Escalators are generally installed in shopping malls, railway stations, airports and other places with a high flow of people, so this special occasion on the safety of the bar brush brush wire requirements are very high. Brush wire should have high elasticity, good surface lubrication, the best with flame retardant, wear resistance, anti-static and other functions. Our common bar brush is black, but with the frequent occurrence of elevator accidents at home and abroad, elevator safety issues are increasing, black bristles can not achieve the role of prompting. Therefore, the manufacturer has developed and produced a multicolor brush with UL-94V0 orange and yellow flame-retardant filaments in accordance with EU standards, in which the orange and yellow colors give a warning effect and reduce elevator safety problems.

Escalator Brush Manufacturer

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