Deburring Polishing Circular Nylon Wire Abrasive Wheel Brush

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Brush roller

Bristle Length


Brush Material

Abrasive nylon, steel



Customized support



Black, white, other color as required


Woodworking, Polishing, Deburrring, Grinding

The brush filament is made of high-density nylon wire, combined with 20-40% abrasive wire. The product has high strength, high melting point, chemical resistance, good strength, hyperboloid, concave and convex surface, and various surfaces can be fully and uniformly ground.

They have good acid and alkali resistance, good chemical and organic solvent resistance, no damage to the original surface light solubility, low water absorption of the bristles, suitable for grinding under dry and wet conditions, continuous silk, absolutely wear-resistant and easy to use.

1. Customize your tailored product to satisfy you unexpected need, from appearance to function. 24 hour one to one service.

2. Manufacturers direct source of goods, no middleman, give you first-hand supply, give you intimate service.

3. Brush wire materials can be customized, materials can be selected, a variety of materials, such as plastic, nylon wire, horse hair, mane, etc.

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