Customized Industrial Cylinder Nylon Roller Brush for Cleaning

Additional information

1. Industrial roller brush available With Shaft and without Shaft.
2. Outer Diameter available from 60mm to 600mm.
3. Inner Diameter available from 5mm onwards.
4. Length of Cylindrical brush available from 5mm to 3000mm
5. Material for Base –Wood, PVC, Plastic, Nylon, Aluminium etc.
6. Density of Bristle is optional as LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH.
7. Type of Bristle or Brush Strings- Nylon, Polypropylene, Natural Fibers, PVC, Animal Hairs, Steel Wire, S.S Wire, Brass Wire etc
8. Above mentioned Bristle are available in different thickness to obtain Soft or Hard Brush.

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