Industrial Brushes Of 8 Major Materials, You Know Which One Should Be Used?

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Industrial brush is a common brush products used in industrial production, due to its wide range of applications, so its use of the environment is also very different, which also leads to the industrial brush wire selection also has a certain standard, the following I will explain to you how to correctly select the appropriate industrial brush wire material.

A bunch of industrial strip brushes

Our industrial brushes more commonly used wire materials are the following 8 kinds:

1. Nylon (PA) material wire.

Nylon wire is divided into PA610 (PA66, PA6), PA612 and PA1010 and many other varieties. There are differences between them, including PA610 (PA66, PA6) wire abrasion resistance and resilience is better, and has high temperature and acid and alkali resistance, more suitable for dust removal and cleaning in industrial brush parts, such as vacuum cleaner brush strip, road cleaning machine brush roller; and nylon 612 or nylon 1010 resilience is better, but its cost is also higher, the disadvantage is wear resistance Not as good as 610, more suitable for industrial equipment back and forth cleaning brush strips and windows and doors at the bottom of the dust brush.

2. Polypropylene (PP) material wire.

This wire material is hard, with acid and alkali resistance, but general resilience, long time high intensity use is easy to deformation and difficult to recover, so it is suitable for industrial dust removal and cleaning for rougher parts, such as road sanitation car sweeper industrial brush rollers and so on.

3. polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) industrial brush wire.

Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) industrial brush wire, its characteristics are soft, so its resilience than ordinary nylon wire to relatively good, but wear resistance is not as good as PA610, so it is more suitable for the protection requirements of higher object cleaning, such as car surface cleaning and glass porcelain cleaning, solar panel cleaning, etc..

4. Polyethylene (PE) bristles are softer bristles in several types of brushes

Polyethylene (PE) bristles are softer bristles in several types of brushes, often used in automotive cleaning brushes, plus the pile process, to facilitate the protection of automotive paint.

5. Animal hair material wire.

Such as hog bristles, horsetail hair, wool, etc., of which hog bristles are often used in bath brushes or polishing of valuable objects, such as gemstones, pianos and other items of surface polishing treatment. And horsehair, wool than pig bristle filaments to soft some, but also easier to remove floating dust, often used in high-end household cleaning products as a sweeping dust parts used.

6. Metal wire is usually steel wire and copper wire.

Because of the characteristics of the metal itself, so it has a very high abrasion resistance, its industrial brushes are generally used for metal surface or pipe grinding deburring treatment.

7. Abrasive wire.

Abrasive wire brushes also have good wear resistance and acid and alkali resistance, and are commonly used for PCB surface treatment, galvanized plate pickling line, and metal processing, polishing and deburring, etc.

8. Sisal brush wire.

Sisal brush wire, with good toughness, not easy to deformation, high temperature resistance, grease absorption characteristics, commonly used in pot brush or high temperature, oil removal work environment.

These are the 8 kinds of materials commonly used in industrial brushes, which material you commonly use, that according to the characteristics of various materials, your industrial brushes material selection is right?

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