Top 10 Industrial Brush Manufacturers in the US to 2023

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Industrial brushes are widely used in various industries, playing an important role in cleaning, grinding, polishing, sealing and so on. Industrial brushes and ordinary brushes have different production processes and equipment, manufacturers of ordinary brushes can not complete the production of industrial brushes, want to find professional industrial brush manufacturers in the United States It is not easy to find professional industrial brush manufacturers in the United States, so I collected and organized ten professional and reliable industrial brush manufacturers located in the United States rankings, so that we can quickly find industrial brush manufacturers to meet their requirements.

1. Industrial Brush Company

industrial brush company website1

Industrial Brush Company was founded in 1946, with a factory in New Jersey, USA, and has over 75 years of experience in manufacturing brushes. They specialize in nylon brushes, abrasive brushes, wire brushes, and natural filament brushes, and have accumulated a large number of customers and a good reputation for high quality, customized service in the continental United States.

Company Address: 105 Clinton Road Fairfield, NJ 07004

2. Gordon Brush

gordon brush website

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. was founded in 1951 and has 12 different industry brands. The company’s 12 brands produce more than 17,000 standard, specialty and custom brooms and brushes for industrial and commercial applications for customers around the globe, and because they are headquartered in the United States, they are able to offer same-day shipping on more than 3,500 standard brushes. shipping service, and will also provide quotes for specialty or custom brushes in one business day or less. Whether you need standard brushes or special/custom brushes, you can contact Gordon Brush for bigger and better brush ideas.

Company Address: 3737 Capitol Avenue City of Industry, California 90601

3. Brush Custom

brushcustom homepage

Brushcustom is a professional manufacturer of customized industrial brushes with offices in the USA and China to handle the business, the factory is located in Shenzhen, China, using German imported production equipment to provide one-stop customized industrial brushes service for customers all over the world, in addition, they also have a dedicated design team, which can provide suggestions or designs for your ideas or applications to make the brushes perfectly fit your applications, and because the factory is located in China, the cost of raw materials and labor is low, so you can get the same high-quality industrial brushes at a relatively low price.

Company Address: Room 1212, Zhehua Building, Meilong Road and Donghuan Road, Longhua Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen

4. Carolina Brush

carolina brush website

Founded in 1919, Carolina Brush is a U.S.-based manufacturer and supplier of customized industrial tape brushes, staple brushes, twisted wire brushes, and more. Likewise their engineers can help you design unique brushes for unique brush applications and recommend brush sizes or filament diameters.For over 80 years they have been providing customized industrial brushes for a variety of manufacturing challenges. Whether it’s a custom-designed brush for your unique application, an OEM replacement, or thousands of off-the-shelf designs, they have the experience to tackle the most challenging industrial or maintenance applications.

Company Address: 3093 Northwest Boulevard Gastonia , NC 28052-2469

5. Mill-Rose

millrose website

Founded in 1919, Mill-Rose has built a reputation in the United States for designing, engineering, manufacturing and delivering any number of standard and custom brushes to meet the specific needs of their customers, Mill-Rose brushes are used in virtually every industry worldwide including, but not limited to, Aerospace, Agricultural, Automotive, Defense, Energy, Manufacturing, Medical, Technology and Telecommunications, with thousands of ” Standard” and “Non-Standard” sizes and shapes of brushes available, Mill-Rose brushes are typically used in non-scrubbing applications to solve engineering, design and production problems. If you need a special or one-of-a-kind brush, they can provide you with a design and fabricate a custom-designed brush using whatever material is needed for the job. Currently, Mill-Rose has designed over 100,000 specialty brushes in special configurations for unique applications.

Company Address: 7995 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, Ohio 44060 U.S.A.

6. Precision Brush

precisionbrush website

Precision Brush was founded in 1951, with a factory located in the Solon, Ohio manufacturing area, they carefully and skillfully produce custom designed brushes that touch almost every aspect of society, both public and private, and their engineers are able to create a wide range of different shapes including spirals, coils, arcs, rectangles, and discs. They have been researching and innovating in the field of industrial brushes for many years, and all of their brushes are mechanically manufactured by a trained staff of professional brush makers using brushes created or designed in-house.

Company Address: 6700 Parkland Boulevard Solon, OH 44139

7. Industrial Brush Corporation

industrialbrush website

Industrial Brush Corporation (IBC) is a privately held company with locations in St. George, Utah and Lakeland, Florida. Founded in 1947, IBC specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial brushes and has the application experience and manufacturing capabilities to provide the right brush for almost any brush application. Their products are used in thousands of applications in virtually every industry. Most of our brushes are power-driven and are used for sweeping, wiping, sealing, transferring, metering, cushioning, holding, scrubbing, spreading, conveying, sorting, cleaning, washing, drying, waxing, polishing, stripping, harvesting, packaging, guiding or bonding a wide variety of different products.

Company Address: 763 E Commerce Dr St. George, Utah 84790

8. Jenkins Brush

jenkinsbrush website
Jenkins Brush Company has been designing, developing and producing the finest industrial brushes and brush products for more than 135 years. The company leads the industry in finding new and innovative ways to use brushes in a wide range of manufacturing, scientific, technological, and commercial applications. While the basics of quality brushmaking have remained virtually the same for centuries – the use of the finest materials, precision manufacturing techniques, and 100% inspection – the applications have kept up with, or even anticipated the rapid advances in today’s technology.

Company Address: 444 Pompton Ave Cedar Grove NJ 07009

9. Schaefer Brush

schaeferbrush website
Founded in 1905, Schaefer Brush has a rich history of designing, engineering and manufacturing industrial brushes and related products for over 100 years. With extensive experience in brush applications and engineering expertise in designing custom brushes, complete brush systems and mechanical brush assemblies. They have established a broad presence in the U.S. market with product availability and reliability, competitive pricing, and our prompt response to customer needs.

Company Address: 1101 S. Prairie Avenue Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186

10. Spiral Brushes

spiral brushes website

SPIRAL BRUSHES, INC. was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1939.
The company is capable of custom designing and manufacturing brushes for specific applications in a variety of wire, synthetic and natural materials. For over 70 years, we have been dedicated to meeting our customers’ requirements for standard and custom industrial brushes, providing reliable brush products and application design services at competitive prices. Continuous improvement of processes, products and performance, and good working relationships with customers and suppliers have maintained an excellent reputation for high quality products and services, and their company is also a member of the American Brush Manufacturers Association.

Company Address: 1355 Commerce Drive Stow, OH 44224-1736

Above is the top 10 industrial brush manufacturers in the U.S. we have compiled, each manufacturer is excellent, you can choose the right industrial brush manufacturer to work with for your project according to your needs, if you have more questions related to industrial brushes, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.


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