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Classification of wire wheel brushes

wire wheel

According to different types of use, shape and material wire wheel can be divided into: copper-plated steel wire paint removing wheel, copper-plated steel wire paint removing brush, stainless steel wire paint removing brush, stainless steel wire paint grinding wheel, stainless steel wire paint removing wheel, stainless steel wire paint removing, pipeline brush, tube brush, pipe wheel brush, deburring sanding wheel, deburring wheel, torsion wire disc-shaped wire wheel, torsion wire flat type wire brush and torsion wire bowl-shaped wire wheel.

What should I look for when storing wire wheel brushes?

  • Wire wheel must be carefully and gently when handling.
  • The wire wheel should be stored to prevent moisture should be flat stacked on wooden pallets or wooden frame, stacked height of not more than 1.2 meters is appropriate.
  • The packaging of the wire wheel is only allowed to open before use, a use is not complete need to be sealed and stored.

How do I install a wire wheel?

  • When loading and unloading the wire wheel, you must cut off the power or gas source of the host first.
  • The shield is installed firmly, to prevent the broken metal body splash to the operator or others.
  • In the power shaft into the cam flange set into the wire wheel with a special tool to tighten the nut, and pay attention to the cam flange toward the wire wheel, and nut tightening direction.

Precautions when using wire wheel brushes

  • Please work with the specified safety cover, wear protective overalls with safety mask and protective gloves.
  • Check the host (wind, electric) solid, portable grinder and the supporting use of the wire wheel model is consistent.
  • Please use it within the permissible safety factor linear speed range of the wire wheel.
  • In the new installation of the wire wheel, should be empty spinning for 3 minutes in order to throw the product periphery of the remaining broken wire. In the use of the impact can not be too much force, but to maintain a long service life to avoid danger.

Technical standards for quality control of wire wheels

  1. Appearance of flat steel wire distribution is uniform, no local lack of silk phenomenon.
  2. 100 * 10 * 20 cup type steel wire wheel, the center set of 3mm thick A3 steel material.
  3. The highest working speed of 60 m / s, working speed 11465 rpm, high-speed rotary machine test by 1.5 times.
  4. The eccentricity of wire wheel is ≤0.40mm.
  5. Clipboard: material 08F plate 1.2mm thickness.
  6. wire wheel steel wire: specifications? 0.3 ~ 0.4mm mixed ratio production. Material: mechanical properties in line with the YB248-64 鈪 ɑ group standard, 0.3 ~ 0.4mm. Steel wire tensile strength is (эb)=225~270kg/mm2;0.4 steel wire is (эb)=220~265kg/mm2. The breaking force of wire wheel knotted tensile test is 50% of the breaking force without knots.

Wire Wheel Applications

Industrial brushes are an indispensable part of some industrial machinery and equipment, the following is a description of the use of wire wheels:

Material selection for wire wheel applications

The correct selection of wire wheel, first of all, according to the physical and chemical properties of the material to be processed, such as material surface finish, hardness, etc., selected the appropriate brush wire material; selected by the working conditions of the brush appearance; according to the process parameters of the brush specifications calculated size and speed. In general, the larger the diameter of the round brush, the better the effect. In the same diameter conditions, the shorter the brush filament, the stronger the grinding force, the longer the brush filament, the weaker the grinding force.

Wire wheels are used for surface treatment of metals

  • Surface roughing treatment (sanding, brushing, rust removal, dust removal)
  • Surface cleaning treatment (washing of parts, food and vegetable cleaning, peeling, decontamination, degreasing)
  • Surface finishing (grinding, deburring, polishing)

Treatment of brushes that are not used as expected

  • Brushing effect is too weak: – choose large diameter brushes or increase the rotation speed (not exceeding the maximum speed) to increase the line speed, – reduce the length of the draft, – change to brushes with thick filaments.  
  • Brush effect is too strong: – choose a small diameter brush or reduce the speed to reduce the speed, – increase the length of the draft, – change to a fine wire brush. 
  • The surface is too rough: – Choose a larger diameter brush or increase the speed (not exceeding the maximum speed) to increase the line speed, – reduce the length of the draft, – change to a thicker filament brush. Brush. 
  • Surface too smooth: – Use smaller diameter brushes or reduce the speed to reduce the wire speed, – Increase the draft length, – Change to fine filament brushes.

Soft Steel Wire Wheel Instruction Manual

Soft steel wire wheel is made of pure polyether raw material, foamed and ripened by imported Italian foam assembly line (implementing GB10802-89 standard), processed by precision cutting equipment, and coated with high wear-resistant material according to design requirements. Soft foam wire wheel is a kind of multi-purpose wire wheel, there are wire brush wire wheel, wire wheel leather bowl, fully covered wire wheel and so on. Has been widely used in (water, gas, oil, etc.) a variety of pipeline Dupont wire wheel operations.

Soft Foam Wire Wheel Product Features

  1. Precision production equipment, accurate product size and stable quality. Soft steel wire wheel structure is reasonable, easy to use, can effectively reduce the cost of engineering construction.
  2. Product flexibility, working deformation, deformation of 60%, can be smooth through the pipe elbow, valve, tee and other components, not easy to jam in the pipe.
  3. Foam wire wheel product opening rate of 98% of the surface without crust, strong water absorption capacity, can effectively reduce the number of through the ball, reduce engineering construction costs.
  4. Steel wire brush, steel wire wheel can effectively remove pipeline scale, and is not easy to jam in the pipeline.
  5. fully covered steel wire wheel is the first choice for removing non-media waste in pipelines, the product can be crushed under pressure, steel wire brush to lift the worry of jamming the pipeline.
  6. Products can be carried according to the design requirements of the electronic tracking system to monitor the operation of the wire wheel.

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